First Year, First Term Course

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The first course is extremely important. We have witnessed the most dramatic impact on people who have allowed the Lord to reveal this topic to their hearts. This foundational revelation sets the trajectory for our two years together. The fact that God chose you to be in His Son from before the foundation of the world is astonishing. The implications are phenomenal, and most believers know nothing of it at all. When you see this grace, your perceptions of the Father and your own life are moved into an unimaginable freedom.


The distinction between soul and spirit MUST be discovered and engaged. The Lord is joined to us in the Spirit, not our mind. When you understand this, you begin to live out from that reality and heavenly life can intersect with your routine.

Your Instructor

Michael Massa
Michael Massa

Michael Massa was raised in a strong Christian family with consistent parents whose confession of Christ was lived out in everyday ways. This provided a healthy base from which the family could pursue the Lord.

Michael graduated magna cum laude from Tennessee Technological University in 75’ with a Bachelor’s degree in History. He graduated from Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) in 77’ and served there as a worship leader and teacher until 81’. From 1982- 2010, he was a pastor at Church of The King in Dallas.

He has traveled in ministry in 25 nations, composed worship songs for Integrity Music and authored three books. In 2020 he concluded 12 years as an adjunct professor at CFNI.

Venture Heights is the result of a vision the Lord gave him and his wife, Nancy. The desire to effectively make disciples motivates him to provide the ministry that has resulted in the long-lasting and beneficial impacts in people’s lives for the last 45 years. Michael and Nancy have four children and four ‘grands’.

It is their dream to train leaders through Venture Heights and strengthen you in the Lord’s assignment and purpose for your life.

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